ars / docs / maintainers / Procedure to create and upload a release .txt

XYZ: the 'version' string kwarg in the call to setup() in
%date: date in format YYYY.MM.DD

0) clean working directory. The best choice is to shelve all changes.

1) test that the source distribution is created appropriately (in all the archive formats)
	$ python sdist --formats=gztar,zip

2) update version/release number and commit. Change it in

3) tag previous changeset with the output of `ars.get_version()` e.g. '0.4a1'

4) create and upload source distribution to PyPI
	$ python sdist --formats=gztar,zip upload

5) test installation with 'pip'
	$ sudo pip install ARS
	$ python
	>>> import ars

6) $ hg push

7) go to and create a folder named 'XYZ %date'

8) upload these files to that folder

9) set the .zip as the default download for Windows and Mac OSX, and the .gz
	for all the rest.

10) upload the same files here:

11) Verify documentation builds passed here: