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# coding: utf-8

Created on Nov 2, 2011
Last modified on Nov 2, 2011

@author: german

Sometimes things go wrong, and the setup script doesn’t do what the developer wants.
Distutils catches any exceptions when running the setup script, and print a simple error message
before the script is terminated.

The DISTUTILS_DEBUG environment variable can be set to anything except an empty string,
and distutils will now print detailed information what it is doing, and prints the full traceback
in case an exception occurs.

from file:///usr/share/doc/python2.6/html/distutils/setupscript.html

from distutils.core import setup #, Extension

# only name, version, url are required. Other fields are optional.
setup(name='Autonomous Robot Simulator',
	version='0.0.0', # It is recommended that versions take the form major.minor[.patch[.sub]].
	description='A great simulator', # A single line of text, not more than 200 characters
	long_description='', # Multiple lines of plain text in reStructuredText format
	author='German Larrain',
	#classifiers=[], # e.g. Development Status, Environment, Intended Audience, License, Operating System, Programming Language, Topic
	packages=['app', 'graphics', 'gui',
			'model', 'model.contrib', 'model.geometry', 'model.robot', 'model.simulator',