ars / INSTALL.txt

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(If your OS is Ubuntu, follow the instructions in "ARS installation - Ubuntu.txt", for an easier process that deals with requirements too)

To install the software (only the "ars" package is part of the installation; docs, tests and demos are not), you need to:

1) check & install the requirements listed in README.
2) open a command window, with the current directoy set to the project main directory
3) execute the (included) standard python setup script (you may need administrator privileges):
	python install

Start the Python interpreter (with the command "python") and execute this statement:
	import ars

If no errors appear, you are all set.
You may explore the contents by entering "help(ars)".
To exit the interpreter, use "quit()".

To run a demo, execute any file in the "bin" subfolder, such as:
	python bin/
	python bin/IROS/

(See development notes.txt for the necessary software)

The epydoc program generates API documentation for Python modules, based on their docstrings (this is a Python term)

To build the docs, run the following command from the project main directory
	epydoc -v --config doc/epydoc.cfg ars/

To generate class diagrams based on a Python module
	pyreverse path/to/
	dot -Tps -o