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+.. _`release-1.4.1`:
+py-1.4.1: cross-python lib for fs path, code, io, ... manipulations
+This is a bug fix release of the "py" lib, see below for detailed changes.
+The py lib is a small library comprising APIs for filesystem and svn path
+manipulations, dynamic code construction and introspection, a Py2/Py3
+compatibility namespace ("py.builtin"), IO capturing, terminal colored printing
+(on windows and linux), ini-file parsing and a lazy import mechanism.
+It runs unmodified on all Python interpreters compatible to Python2.4 up
+until Python 3.2, PyPy and Jython.  The general goal with "py" is to
+provide stable APIs for some common tasks that are continously tested
+against many Python interpreters and thus also to help transition. Here
+are some docs:
+    http://pylib.org
+NOTE: The prior py-1.3.X versions contained "py.test" which since py-1.4.0
+comes as its own separate "pytest" distribution, see:
+    http://pytest.org
+Also, the "py.cleanup|py.lookup|py.countloc" helpers are now part of
+the pycmd distribution, see http://pypi.python.org/pypi/pycmd
+Changes between 1.4.0 and 1.4.1
+- fix issue1 - py.error.* classes to be pickleable
+- fix issue2 - on windows32 use PATHEXT as the list of potential
+  extensions to find find binaries with py.path.local.sysfind(commandname)
+- fix (pytest-) issue10 and refine assertion reinterpretation
+  to avoid breaking if the __nonzero__ of an object fails
+- fix (pytest-) issue17 where python3 does not like star-imports,
+  leading to misrepresentation of import-errors in test modules
+- fix ``py.error.*`` attribute pypy access
+- allow path.samefile(arg) to succeed when arg is a relative filename
+- fix (pytest-) issue20 path.samefile(relpath) works as expected now

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 Welcome to py's documentation!
-:ref:`1.4.0 release announcement <release-1.4.0>` and :ref:`CHANGELOG <changelog>`
+:ref:`1.4.1 release announcement <release-1.4.1>` and :ref:`CHANGELOG <changelog>`
 .. note::