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Remove excess whitespace that annoys linters

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File testing/io_/

     assert s == tobytes("hello")
 def test_dontreadfrominput():
-    from py._io.capture import  DontReadFromInput
+    from py._io.capture import DontReadFromInput
     f = DontReadFromInput()
     assert not f.isatty()
         sys.stdout =
         sys.stderr =
-        print ("not seen" )
+        print ("not seen")
         sys.stderr.write("not seen\n")
         out, err = cap.reset()
         assert out == "hello"
     def test_stdin_nulled_by_default(self):
         print ("XXX this test may well hang instead of crashing")
         print ("XXX which indicates an error in the underlying capturing")
-        print ("XXX mechanisms" )
+        print ("XXX mechanisms")
         cap = self.getcapture()
         py.test.raises(IOError, "")
         out, err = cap.reset()
         "suspend2, captured*hello2*WARNING:root:hello3*",
     assert "atexit" not in result.stderr.str()