AppFabricCacheAdapter: SecurityMode.None & ProtectionLevel.None

Issue #20 resolved
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AppFabric doesn't seem to support the DataCacheSecurityMode.None and DataCacheProtectionLevel.None.

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  1. Paul Glavich repo owner

    Yes, there are a few AppFabric config options not supported currently, a few more of which have also been raised separately. I will address these shortly. If there are any more specifically, please list them here.

  2. Paul Glavich repo owner

    Note. CacheAdapter does support the SecurityMode option in the cache specific data section. Something like:

    <add key="Cache.CacheSpecificData" value="UseSsl=false;ChannelOpenTimeout=120;SecurityMode=Message;MessageSecurityAuthorizationInfo={your-security-key}"/>
  3. Russell

    My current CacheSpecificData config setting looks like:
    <add key="Cache.CacheSpecificData"value="DistributedCacheName=MyCache;UseSsl=false;SecurityMode=none;ProtectionLevel=none" />.
    The above config requires "factoryConfig.SecurityProperties = new DataCacheSecurity(DataCacheSecurity.None, DataCacheProtectionLevel.None)"

  4. Paul Glavich repo owner

    Yeah, looking at the code, it supports message and transport but not none. I'll include this as a bug fix when I update the whole cachespecificdata section in the next release to support much more. Although, feel free to submit a pull request :-)

  5. Paul Glavich repo owner

    There is currently a pre release (beta) version of the cache adapter package on Nuget which should resolve this issue. Note: Cache adapter has now been broken in to Glav.CacheAdapter.Core and Glav.CacheAdapter. Detailed blog post will follow soon enough once the prod package is ready

  6. rcgneo

    Hello, when is the new Nuget package going out? I would like to be using the official version. I really need the official support for SecurityMode=None.

  7. Paul Glavich repo owner

    Sorry for the delay. I am in the process of typing up the blog post right now. As soon as that is ready I will push out the new package and the blog post to accompany it. I would expect in the next day or so.

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