call to ManageCacheDependenciesForCacheItem on each Get ?

Issue #33 resolved
Valery Jeannot
created an issue


I'd like to know what's the logic of having a call on ManageCacheDependenciesForCacheItem on each call of GetAndAddIfNecessary ? Shouldn't this be done only after addData()?

If I understand the code correcly, this will cause a rebuilt of the dependency list on each call to the cache ? Couldn't we be facing performance hits ?

Thanks for your useful library !

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  1. Paul Glavich repo owner

    Hi Valery,

    Thanks for reporting this. You are right, the call to manage the dependencies is only necessary on the adding of data. I have made the change to the codebase and will incorporate it into the next major release which is due in early January. This one will also contain support for the redis engine for caching.

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