CHange dependency on newer .NET framework (4.6.1)

Issue #42 resolved
Khader Alatrash
created an issue

As 4.5 is going to end of life next week, is it possible to move to a newer .NET framework as 4.6 or the latest.

Moreover, this can remove the dependency on the older BCL external libraries.

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  1. Paul Glavich repo owner

    Hi, in terms of removng the 4.5 dependency, I fear that this may require that anyone who wants to upgrade to use the new features to also update their runtime stack which may not be immediately appropriate. I do want to upgrade to 4.6 however I will more than likely wait some time after the support window ends then migrate to the latest runtime dependency. In terms of the BCL dependency, that stems from the StackExchange package used for Redis support. To that end, there is a request to split up the cache adapter package into separate ones for each cache engine to prevent the dependency bloat. I am also looking into this.

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