Signing the assembly

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Khader Alatrash
created an issue

Please sign the assembly so it can be included with other projects which require strongly signed DLLs.

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  1. Paul Glavich repo owner

    Is this because the company you work for dictates the use of strong naming or is there a specific package you want to use this library with that only supplies a strong named version. There are various discussions on whether OSS projects should be strong named and I want to ensure I dont make people unhappy by doing so and causing any undue suffering. For reference see: and

  2. Khader Alatrash reporter

    Because of the first reason. It is a personal opinion about signing libraries, and my preference is to work with signed DLL's.

    I can sign the assembly manually, but in the end, it will requires modifying the build process with an extra step (or doing it manually one time and adding it in my own source control system instead of the NuGet repo).

  3. Paul Glavich repo owner

    Just a note that this repository has moved to github now. See here for new repo. All issues will be slowly migrated as well. If you still find this issue important, please provide your Github account so I can recreate this issue and link it to your Github account, otherwise I will simply close the issue.

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