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+ Add external style sheets for Slipper docs

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 # Specify the cache directory to use.
 slipper.DEFAULT.cache_dir = %(here)s/cache
+# Specify the stylesheet URL to refer to in generated documents.
+# Comment this out to use default in-line Docutils CSS.
+# You can optionally override in configuration for specific repositories.
+slipper.DEFAULT.stylesheet_url = /slipper-dev/tip/doc/slipper.css
 # For each repository, choose a name, then specify both the location
 # of the repository on the local filesystem ('local_dir') and the base
 # URL of the hgweb or hgwebdir instance you'd like each page to link
 # You can also override the 'rst_extension' and 'cache_dir' if you
 # like:
-slipper.slipper-dev.rst_extension = .txt
+slipper.slipper-dev.rst_extension = .txt