This is a script that sets up an environment to create LaTeX documents and creates skeleton LaTeX files. The skeleton generated was customized to my needs - the are lots of sample TeX code since I tend to copy-paste LaTeX from the internet a lot. The intended usage is uncomment and adapt whatever is useful for any given situation.

If someone other than me is actually reading this, I hope this script will be useful to you.


  1. Clone and build LaTeX makefile from

  2. Modify LATEX_MAKEFILE_PATH variable at the top of the latextemplate file to point to the Makefile built in the previous step.

  3. Add latextemplate file to your $PATH.



latextemplate --help

for up-to-date usage information.

Reporting Bugs / Sending Feedback

If you have something you want me to know, contact me via Bitbucket or send me an email at


This project uses the BSD 2-Clause license.