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Yuya Nishihara  committed afeeaab

eliminate manual busy count handling

It should be done by repoagent.runCommand(), and these methods are removed
by thg d1b32249bd25.

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         # confirm dialog
         response = QMessageBox.question(self, _('mark as complete'), message,  QMessageBox.Yes, QMessageBox.No, QMessageBox.NoButton)
         if response == QMessageBox.Yes:
-            def finished(ret):
-                self.repo.decrementBusyCount()
-                #refresh the display to update the repo in code review extension
-                self.refresh()
             cmdline  = ['commit', '--verbose', '--repository', self.repo.root, '--message', '"cr round is done"']
             cmdline += [self.repo.wjoin(x) for x in files]
             sess = self._repoagent.runCommand(map(hglib.tounicode, cmdline))
-            sess.commandFinished.connect(finished)
-            self.repo.incrementBusyCount()
+            # refresh the display to update the repo in code review extension
+            sess.commandFinished.connect(self.refresh)
             # mark these files as 'done'
             number_success_completed = self.code_review.done_files(files, rev=None)
         return bool(self.code_review.ui.config('email', 'from'))
+    @pyqtSlot()
     def refresh(self):
         ''' Re-Fills the file table with files from the database'''