Add functionality to add changed files

Issue #20 resolved
Alexander Ziborov
created an issue

When changeset affects several files that are located in different subdirectories of the repository, it is necessary now to press the "Add" button several times and find these files in the dialog box. This makes adding files to the list for code review annoying. That results in a lot of routines to add files to the list for code review.

I propose improving and simplifying this process by adding an "Add changed files" button to add modified files with one click.

Thanks, Alexander Ziborov.

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  1. Alexander Ziborov reporter

    I mean files that have been modified and prepared for a commit in a case if they have never been added to the list for the review before the commit. It would be great to add possibility to add all of them by one click on button (e.g. "Add Modified files ") without file dialogs as on "Add" button now.

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