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Issue #9 resolved

let hgcr work inside thg

Simon H.
created an issue

Goal: * Typing {{{hg cr}}} works in the log section of thg.

Current state: * typing {{{hg cr}}} in the log section shows a new window for less than a second. The file .code-review is created. No error is displayed in thg.

How to reproduce: * Activating the log section is shown in the attached print screen (near no. 1). * Type {{{hg cr}}} after the prompt (%) in the log section and press enter. The answer I got is shown in the print screen (near no. 2).

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  1. Simon H. reporter
    • changed status to open

    I first thought the problem is that two qt main loops are started, but this is handled in tortoisehg in run.py, line 516.

    Looking for a new idea: When I execute thg --nofork in the cmd window and try to start hgcr-gui-qt in the new started window, I get the following line (3 times) in the cmd window:

    QObject::setParent: Cannot set parent, new parent is in a different thread

    How could I get more information?

    Should we forward this to thg?

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