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CodeReview Extension

This extension is distributed with TortoiseHg >= 0.9

based on non-gui simple version from


  • This extension allows you to manage reviews for your code in any project you like.
  • It helps to keep the review management inside the mercurial.
  • One can add files to the review or remove them.
  • The reviewer can mark the code as 'completed' review cycle.
  • You can also check what is the review status - what is done and what is not yet.
  • The extension will automatically spot the files that were changed since their last review and notify about that.
  • The notification to reviewer about new files for review and notifications for developer about current review round finish are also managed by this tool through email just by 1-Click
  • Code review database is stored in .code-review file in your repository root directory as a simple text file holding a map of each file and revision when review was done.



configure your mercurial.ini to enable the extension by adding following lines:

hgext.hgcr-gui-qt =


Download and configure your .hgrc to enable the extension by adding following lines:

hgcr-gui-qt = /path/to/

Commandline Usage


Code Review Plugin (requires Mercurial 1.3.x and TortoiseHg 0.9)


 -c --complete  Mark CR as complete
 -a --add       Add files to CR list
 -r --remove    Remove files from CR list
 -l --list      Print files in CR list
 -d --developer Change the file developer
 -w --reviewer  Change the file reviewer
 -m --mail      Send mail

use "hg -v help cr" to show global options

GUI Usage

hg cr

Note: add here more explanation and maybe event screenshots....

More Details

  • I've implemented the review around files and not changesets, because at the end, I want to be able to tell for the specific project if all the files went through code review process or not - the project status.
  • Suppose you have some project that you are in charge and many developers do write code for it. And there is a group of reviewrs that review the developers code. Is is very difficult to keep track of changes developers do, but simple to find out what files have already been reviewd (by reviewers) and what were not.
  • Using this extension, Developer can mark his files (when finished development process) as "Ready for review" and send notice to reviewer. Reviewer will pick up the changeset (because changesets are stored in the code review database) and perform code review (put notes inside the developer's code). Afterwards Reviewr will mark the files as "Review Completed". and return the notice to the developer.
  • The project manager can follow every time what is going on with his/her project.


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