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dulwich [9e7a00d74c85]
hg [41453d55b481]
hgcr-gui [ac2625ce7362]
hgfold [0d5ced144f81]
hgkeyring [eff81be32478]
iniparse [bd83edee7300]
keyring [bfdab404ed09]
perfarce [0db5f991a575]
shellext [6947a054f4b5]
thg [cc17fa9e7060]
winbuild [bb2831b7843a]
zipdoc [a2ca45ccfd64]
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TortoiseHg and Mercurial installer builder


hg         - Mercurial repository
thg        - TortoiseHg repository
shellext   - Windows shell extension for thg (context menus, overlay icons)
keyring    - python-keyring-lib
hgkeyring  - mercurial keyring extension
hgfold     - case folding conflict detection and resolution extension
perfarce   - perforce integration extension
iniparse   - allows thg to apply changes to ini (hgrc) files
dulwich    - Python interface to git repositories
zipdoc     - extension for transparently diffing zipped documents
dulwich    - Python git client
hgcr-gui   - Qt and GTK code review extension
winbuild   - scripts for building Windows packages

To create installers, see README.txt in *build subrepositories.