CollaboApp Bootstrap Theme

The CollaboApp theme is a Bootstrap responsive template made to showcase your newest app or service with plan pricing and signup. The Bootstrap core is completely in tact so upgrades are easy and customization is a simple. Use LESS? We have you covered, all the less files are modular and can be easily edited and re-compiled. Don't use LESS? No problem, the bootstrap CSS is ready for you to use out of the box and the custom collaboapp.css file is compiled directly so you can just edit it like normal CSS if you like.


  • Bootstrap 2.2.1
  • HTML5 & CSS3 goodness
  • Video and Readme documentation
  • W3C HTML5 Validated Markup
  • Responsive Design, support any PC or MAC systems, phones and tablets
  • Tested in IE7+, Chrome and Firefox on Windows XP and IE8+, Chrome and Firefox on Windows 7
  • Tested in Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Camino on OSX
  • Tested on iPhone 3G+ and iPad 1+
  • Uses LESS, but not required
  • Speed is a focus for fast loading page times, all CSS and JS minified + concatenated out of the box. All full CSS and JS files are also availble if needed.
  • Uses grunt.js for script concatenation + minification - not required, but it's there if you want it.

Included Libraries

All JS is included as separate files but also minified + concatenated for production into script.js