Csar Logging Registration (Clogr) simplifies SLF4J logging while providing compartmentalized logging configurations via Csar.

Clogr is not yet another logging facade. Rather Clogr facilitates access to SLF4J loggers; while improving SLF4J logging configuration, allowing various compartmentalized log settings. The LoggingConcern is accessed using Csar's concern registration mechanism. The primary logging access method Clogr.getLoggingConcern() will return the logging concern registered with Csar. The default, unconfigured state will still merely delegate the configured SLF4J logger factory, exactly as could be done dynamically directly from SLF4J. The benefit is that multiple logging configurations can separately be compartmentalized using Csar, and code that accesses loggers via Clogr will be routed to use the correct log configuration automatically.

Moreover classes needing access to a logger may implement Clogged for simplified retrieval of an SLF4J logger.


Clogr is available in the Maven Central Repository in group io.clogr.


Issues tracked by JIRA.


  • 0.7.0: First release.