An lightweight Curse based addon manager for World of Warcraft. Supports linux & windows 32bit/64bit.


$ ./curse -h

Curse - an addon uddater for World of Warcraft.

   -h, --help                   this text
   -v, --verbose                  make output more verbose (can be used multiple times)
   -s, --set <name> <version>     sets addon version in database
   -r, --remove <name>            removes addon from database
   -c, --clear                    clears (zeroes) versions of all addons
   -u[name], --update=[name]      checks for updates for all addons or one given by name
   -u,--update=[name] -f|--force  reinstalls addon
   -d, --dir <dir>                WoW instalation folder, default: current directory


Copy curse binary to World of Warcraft installation directory.

To add new addon just run ./curse -usome-addon on Linux or curse.exe -usome-addon on Windows.

Addons name are taken from Curse site, eg: http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/deadly-boss-mods means addon name will be deadly-boss-mods.

Updating addons

Just run curse.exe --update on Windows or ./curse --update on linux

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