Gluon Connect


Gluon Connect is a client-side library that simplifies binding your data from any source and format to your JavaFX UI controls. It works by retrieving data from a data source and converting that data from a specific format into JavaFX observable lists and observable objects that can be used directly in JavaFX UI controls. It is designed to allow developers to easily add support for custom data sources and data formats.


Together with Gluon Mobile

A dependency to Gluon Connect is automatically added when using the Gluon Mobile dependency. You also need to configure the four required Charm Down plugins that are used in Gluon Mobile.

dependencies {
    compile 'com.gluonhq:charm:4.3.2'

jfxmobile {
    downConfig {
        version '3.2.4'
        plugins 'display', 'lifecycle', 'statusbar', 'storage'


You can also use the library as a standalone dependency. You only need to define the following dependency:

dependencies {
    compile 'com.gluonhq:connect:1.4.3'