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  2. pycparser


pycparser / CHANGES

+ Version 2.09 (??)

  - The pycparser project has moved to Bitbucket. For this version, issue
    numbers still refer to the old Googlecode project, unless stated otherwise.
    Starting with the next version all issue numbers will refer to the new
    Bitbucket project.
  - pycparser now carries its PLY dependency along. The pycparser/ply directory
    contains the source of PLY for the currently supported version. This makes
    distribution and testing easier.
  - Issue #79: fix generation of new switch/case AST nodes.
  - Issue #83: fix parsing and C generation to distinguish between initializer
    lists in declarations and initializing variables with parenthesized
    comma-separated expressions.
  - Issue #84: fix C generation for some statements.
  - Issues #86 and #87: improve location reporting for parse errors.
  - Issue #89: fix C generation for K&R-style function definitions.

+ Version 2.08 (10.08.2012)

  - Issue 73: initial support for #pragma directives. Consume them without
    errors and ignore (no tokens are returned). Line numbers are preserved.
  - Issue 68: more correct handling of source files without any actual content.
  - Issue 69: running all tests will now set appropriate return code.
  - Better error reporting in case where multiple type specifiers are provided.
    Also fixes Issue 60.
  - Issue 63: line endings cleanup for consistent LF ending.
  - Issues 64 & 65: added some more headers and typedefs to fake includes.
  - Refactoring the cpp invocation in parse_file into a separate function, which
    can also be used as a utility.
  - Issue 74: some Windows include paths were handled incorrectly.

+ Version 2.07 (16.06.2012)

  - Issue 54: added an optional parser argument to parse_file
  - Issue 59: added some more fake headers for C99
  - Issue 62: correct coord for Ellipsis nodes
  - Issue 57: support for C99 hexadecimal float constants
  - Made running tests that call on 'cpp' a bit more robust.

+ Version 2.06 (04.02.2012)

  - Issue 48: gracefully handle parsing of empty files
  - Issues 49 & 50: handle more escaped chars in paths to #line - "..\..\test.h".
  - Support for C99 _Complex type.
  - CGenerator moves from examples/ to pycparser/ as a first-class citizen, and
    added some fixes to it. examples/c-to-c.py still stays as a convenience
  - Fix problem with parsing a file in which the first statement is just a
  - Improved the AST created for switch statements, making it closer to the
    semantic meaning than to the grammar.

+ Version 2.05 (16.10.2011)

  - Added support for the C99 ``_Bool`` type and ``stdbool.h`` header file
  - Expanded ``examples/explore_ast.py`` with more details on working with the 
  - Relaxed the rules on parsing unnamed struct members (helps parse ``windows.h``)
  - Bug fixes:
    * Fixed spacing issue for some type declarations
    * Issue 47: display empty statements (lone ';') correctly after parsing

+ Version 2.04 (21.05.2011)

  - License changed from LGPL to BSD
  - Bug fixes:
    * Issue 31: constraining the scope of typedef definitions
    * Issues 33, 35: fixes for the c-to-c.py example
  - Added C99 integer types to fake headers
  - Added unit tests for the c-to-c.py example

+ Version 2.03 (06.03.2011)

  - Bug fixes:
    * Issue 17: empty file-level declarations
    * Issue 18: empty statements and declarations in functions
    * Issue 19: anonymous structs & union fields
    * Issue 23: fix coordinates of Cast nodes
  - New example added (``examples/c-to-c.py``) for translating ASTs generated by ``pycparser`` back into C code.
  - ``pycparser`` is now on PyPI (Python Package Index)
  - Created `FAQ <http://code.google.com/p/pycparser/wiki/FAQ>`_ on the ``pycparser`` project page 
  - Removed support for Python 2.5. ``pycparser`` supports Python 2 from 2.6 and on, and Python 3.

+ Version 2.02 (10.12.2010)

  * The name of a ``NamedInitializer`` node was turned into a sequence of nodes 
    instead of an attribute, to make it discoverable by the AST node visitor.  
  * Documentation updates

+ Version 2.01 (04.12.2010)

  * Removed dependency on YAML. Parsing of the AST node configuration file is done with a simple parser.
  * Fixed issue 12: installation problems

+ Version 2.00 (31.10.2010)

  * Support for C99 (read `this wiki page <http://code.google.com/p/pycparser/wiki/C99support>`_ for more information).

+ Version 1.08 (09.10.2010)

  * Bug fixes:

    + Correct handling of ``do{} ... while`` statements in some cases
    + Issues 6 & 7: Concatenation of string literals
    + Issue 9: Support for unnamed bitfields in structs

+ Version 1.07 (18.05.2010)

  * Python 3.1 compatibility: ``pycparser`` was modified to run on Python 3.1 as well as 2.6

+ Version 1.06 (10.04.2010)

  * Bug fixes: 

    + coord not propagated to FuncCall nodes
    + lexing of the ^= token (XOREQUALS)
    + parsing failed on some abstract declarator rules

  * Linux compatibility: fixed end-of-line and ``cpp`` path issues to allow all tests and examples run on Linux

+ Version 1.05 (16.10.2009)

  * Fixed the ``parse_file`` auxiliary function to handle multiple arguments to ``cpp`` correctly

+ Version 1.04 (22.05.2009)

  * Added the ``fake_libc_include`` directory to allow parsing of C code that uses standard C library include files without dependency on a real C library.
  * Tested with Python 2.6 and PLY 3.2

+ Version 1.03 (31.01.2009)

  * Accept enumeration lists with a comma after the last item (C99 feature).

+ Version 1.02 (16.01.2009)

  * Fixed problem of parsing struct/enum/union names that were named similarly to previously defined ``typedef`` types. 

+ Version 1.01 (09.01.2009)

  * Fixed subprocess invocation in the helper function parse_file - now it's more portable

+ Version 1.0 (15.11.2008)

  * Initial release
  * Support for ANSI C89