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- Make sure _build_tables was run in pycparser/ and the tables are in the
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- If PLY version changes, note it in README and ply/LICENSE

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No need to build the doc now, README is rendered by Bitbucket
python sdist upload


yacc optimization: 
- If doesn't exist in the path, the table will be reconstructed anyway, regardless of the optimize parameter
- If it does exist:
  - If optimize=True, the table will be loaded unconditionally
  - If optimize=False, the table will be loaded only if it's older than the grammar

lex optimization:
- If optimize=False, the lexical table is re-computed and is not saved to a lextab file
- If optimize=True:
  - If exists in the path, it will be loaded unconditionally
  - If doesn't exist, it will be created and loaded