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+To install cmsplugin-comments
+pip install cmsplugin-comments
+Add url(r'^comments/', include('django.contrib.comments.urls')), to urls.py
+Add 'cmsplugin_comments' to INSTALLED_APPS
+To Enable captcha
+Add url(r'^captcha/',  include('captcha.urls')), to urls.py
+Add 'capcha' to INSTALLED_APPS
+Add COMMENTS_APP = 'cmsplugin_comments' to settings
+To Enable emailing of new messages to admins add the following to settings
+Add a comment_notification_email.txt template to {project-home}/templates/comments
+manage.py syncdb
+manage.py migrate

File setup.py

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 from setuptools import setup, find_packages
-    name='cmsplugin_comments',
+    name='cmsplugin-comments',
     version= '0.1',
     description='A very simple plugin for django-cms 2 to implement comments',
-    author='X',
-    author_email='X',
-    url='http://bitbucket.org/genbit/cmsplugin_comments',
+    long_description=open('README.txt').read(),
+    #author='',
+    #author_email='X',
+    maintainer='gmh04',
+    maintainer_email='gmh04@netscape.net'
+    url='http://bitbucket.org/gmh04/cmsplugin_comments',