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Add full rendering of webapp config file basing on Sphinx's file

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 licence={{ licence }}
+repodir={{ repodir }}
+reposums={{ reposums }}
 piddbfile={{ piddbfile }}


             conf_template = self.templ_env.get_template('webapp.conf')
             conf_rendered = conf_template.render(
-                                { 'piddbfile': self.config.piddbfile,
-                                  'licence': self.config.licence })
+                                { 'licence': self.config.licence,
+                                  'piddbfile': self.config.piddbfile,
+                                  'repodir': self.config.repodir,
+                                  'reposums': self.config.reposums })
             conf_dst = path.join(self.outdir, 'webapp.conf')
             w =, 'w', self.encoding)
         # Web application options
         xapian_db = ('xapian_db', 'webapp'),
-        piddbfile = ('piddb.pkl', 'webapp'),
+        repodir = ('repo/doc', 'webapp'),
+        reposums = ('reposums.pkl', None),
+        piddbfile = ('piddb.pkl', None),
         licence = ('BSD', 'webapp'),


 # -- Options for WebApp --------------------------------------------------------
 # configuration options for Xapian:
 xapian_db = 'xapian_db'
+repodir = 'repo/doc'
+reposums = 'reposums.pkl'
 piddbfile = 'piddb.pkl'
 licence = 'BSD'
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