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BrowserChooser2 / Beta1

Release Notes

NOTE This has been re-released to fix a bug affecting new users only. Existing users do not need to re-download.

The documentation has been increased. While not yet complete it is covering the main screen and the configuration screen. The add / edit screens will be added later.

Default view of Browser Chooser 2

New Features:

  • Added Detect Browsers to add remove screen
  • Added non-admin/user profile installations to browser detection
  • Made the arrow keys navigate list of icons instead of tabbing
  • Allow to re-order the auto-urls list since it is processed in order top-to-bottom
  • A11Y: Detect presence of screen reader and disables the non-compatible display of check boxes (overridable via settings - runs only once)
  • A11Y: allows to hide the focus indicator
  • A11Y: allows to disable the use of AREO
  • A11Y: allows to disable the non-compatible display of checkboxes

Fixed Issues from Alpha 3:

  • Disabled configuration not found message, uses default settings
  • Auto saving new / updated configuration files
  • Added Orera, Vivaldi and dev editions to browser detection mode
  • Pressing enter on a browser icons now triggers the open action
  • Editing of auto-urls used wrong item
  • Will now present app screen when auto-url is on and url is blank instead of quiting
  • Fixed ugly display of transparent checkboxes (active only if accessible rendering is off)
  • Moved the dash ("-") from being hard-coded and moved it to the title settings
  • Added an option per browser to scale icons
  • All add/edit forms validates their contents

Special Thanks for new features

  • pietjeprecies and ALuckyGuy: For using BC2 in a way I never thought of - and finding a few bugs in the process!
  • GeekDrop_com: For suggesting icon scalling and many other items
  • sakima: For suggesting the new keyboard naviagtion and many other items