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BrowserChooser2 / Release 2

Release Notes

Default view of Browser Chooser 2

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New / Changed Features:

  • Setting page ** shortcuts page changed to others
  • Added logging. note: the log file can get rather large. enable logging only if needed. command line option: --log in Other setting page: Enabled Logging.
  • Add an option to Canonicalize URI. ** Settings are in the other options page
  • Fixed Row/Col begin swapped. (Issue #24 and Issue #12)
  • Extracts a .dll to same location as BC2 when actived. Use this you are having startup problems. Fixes Issue #27 currently only a special dll is created Command line option: --extract or --e ** in other setttings page: extract embded DLLs
  • Changed the registry options to not truncate some URLs. ** Note that this requires a one-time update to the regisry. You will be prompted at first start.
  • Fix various crashes (Issue #26, Issue#28
  • Fix edge not always opening correctly. Issue #29

    Special thanks to all for testing and proving great feedback!