George Notaras


WordPress plugin that adds metadata to your content, including the basic description and keywords meta tags, Opengraph Dublin Core metadata, Twitter Cards and microdata.


A web based PowerDNS administration panel written in Python using the Django Framework.


WPVM (WordPress Varnish Modified) purges pages from Varnish caching servers either automatically as content is updated or on demand.


VeriTAR [Veri(fy)TAR] is a command-line utility that verifies the md5 sums of files within a TAR archive. Due to the tar (ustar) format limitations the md5 sums are retrieved from a separate file and are checked against the md5 sums of the files within the tar archive. The process takes place without actually exctracting the files.


delayed-shutdown is an initscript that delays the shutdown (runlevel 0) or reboot (runlevel 6) procedure as long as a pre-defined lock file exists.

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