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George Notaras  committed 020f39c

Renamed signal callback that fills the missing TTL information to ``set_missing_rr_ttl``.

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File src/powerdns_manager/models.py

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 # Update ``change_date``
 signals.pre_save.connect(signal_cb.update_rr_change_date, sender=Record)
 # Set missing TTL information
-signals.pre_save.connect(signal_cb.set_missing_ttl, sender=Record)
+signals.pre_save.connect(signal_cb.set_missing_rr_ttl, sender=Record)

File src/powerdns_manager/signal_cb.py

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     instance.change_date = int(time.time())
-def set_missing_ttl(sender, **kwargs):
+def set_missing_rr_ttl(sender, **kwargs):
     instance = kwargs['instance']   # powerdns_manager.Record instance
     instance.ttl = settings.PDNS_DEFAULT_RR_TTL
     # TODO: consider checking the minimum TTL from the SOA record.