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Added info about loading default group using the provided fixture.

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+Load default group
+This step is **optional**.
+*django-powerdns-manager* supports multiple users. Before non-superusers are
+able to add DNS data, a superuser must grant them permission to do so. In a
+typical Django project this is done by assigning the required permissions
+directly to the users or to a group, which the users are member of.
+*django-powerdns-manager* facilitates this process by providing a default group,
+named *PowerDNS Managers*, which has all the required permissions to add DNS
+information to the database with the exception of permissions to add/change/delete
+supermaster servers. Managing data of the *supermasters* table is left by
+default to Django superusers.
+To load this default group run the following command::
+    python manage.py loaddata default_pdns_groups
+Please not that the *default_pdns_groups* fixture is primary key agnostic so
+as to be imported without issues.
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