George Notaras avatar George Notaras committed 0bfc5bf

Also clone the Domain Metadata.

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     Domain = cache.get_model('powerdns_manager', 'Domain')
     Record = cache.get_model('powerdns_manager', 'Record')
     DynamicZone = cache.get_model('powerdns_manager', 'DynamicZone')
+    DomainMetadata = cache.get_model('powerdns_manager', 'DomainMetadata')
     # Check the number of selected zones. This action can work on a single zone.
     n = queryset.count()
+            # Clone the zone's metadata
+            # Get the base domain's metadata object.
+            # There is only one metadata object for each zone.
+            domain_metadata_obj = DomainMetadata.objects.get(domain=domain_obj)
+            # Create and save the metadata object for the clone.
+            clone_metadata_obj = DomainMetadata(
+                domain = clone_obj,
+                kind = domain_metadata_obj.kind,
+                content = domain_metadata_obj.content
+                )
   , 'Successfully cloned %s zone to %s' % \
                 (, clone_domain_name))
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