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Removed currently unneeded info from the REAME file.

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 - Zone file import (experimental)
-Apart from the `django-powerdns-manager Online Documentation`_, more information about the
-installation, configuration and usage of this application may be available
-at the project's wiki_.
-.. _`django-powerdns-manager Online Documentation`:
-.. _wiki:
-This software is released as free-software and provided to you at no cost. However,
-a significant amount of time and effort has gone into developing this software
-and writing this documentation. So, the production of this software has not
-been free from cost. It is highly recommended that, if you use this software
-*in production*, you should consider making a donation.
-To make a donation, please visit the CodeTRAX `donations page`_ which contains
-a PayPal_ *donate* button.
-Thank you for considering making a donation to django-powerdns-manager.
-.. _`donations page`:
-.. _PayPal:
-Bugs and feature requests
-In case you run into any problems while using this application or think that
-a new feature should be implemented, it is highly recommended you submit_ a new
-report about it at the project's `issue tracker`_.
-Using the *issue tracker* is the recommended way to notify the authors about
-bugs or make feature requests. Also, before submitting a new report, please
-make sure you have read the `new issue guidelines`_.
-.. _submit:
-.. _`issue tracker`:
-.. _`new issue guidelines`:
-CodeTRAX does not provide support for django-powerdns-manager.
-You can still get community support at the `Community Support Forums`_:
-.. _`Community Support Forums`:
+TODO: Add more info
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