George Notaras  committed a6f0078

Zone serial is updated by PowerDNS Manager instead of letting it be auto-updated by PowerDNS.

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File src/powerdns_manager/

         if n and domain_type:
             for obj in queryset:
                 obj.type = domain_type
+                obj.update_serial()
                 obj_display = force_unicode(obj)
                 modeladmin.log_change(request, obj, obj_display)
                         rr_display = force_unicode(rr)
                         modeladmin.log_change(request, rr, rr_display)
+                    # Update the domain serial
+                    domain_obj.update_serial()
                     record_count += len(qs)
       , 'Successfully updated %d zones (%d total records).' % (n, record_count))
             # Return None to display the change list page again.

File src/powerdns_manager/

         if not change:
             obj.created_by = request.user
+        # TODO: Find a way to update the zone serial (SOA record)
+        # At this point, the records have not been saved yet.
+        # Perhaps with a signal in save_related()
     def save_related(self, request, form, formsets, change):
         """Calls the signal that rectifies the zone.

File src/powerdns_manager/

+        # Update zone serial
+        the_domain.update_serial()
         # Rectify zone