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I'm not sure that the GUI is the proper place for this, but it'd be nice to create an A record, then auto-create the corresponding PTR record.

You run into some issues when creating multiple A records for sites, or if you delete an A record that's one of several, but I think those are manageable. The other option, of course, would be to create multiple PTR records, but that's not a very clean solution DNS-wise.

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  1. George Notaras repo owner

    I agree that having multiple PTR records for each A record is definitely not a clean solution.

    On the other hand, having a single PTR record, which corresponds to a specific A record, would require a way to mark that A record as 'auto-PTR'. Although this is manageable, the fact that the frontend supports multiple users could complicate things as far as permissions are concerned.

    For example, it would be needed to create a new table that would contain User-to-IP associations, so that only a user that would be associated with a specific IP would be able to mark an A record, which would point to that specific IP address, as 'auto-PTR'.

    Although this would be convenient, I think that such a level of automation is not currently needed due to the complexity it adds.

    PS: I hope this is not badly phrased and that I am not missing anything here.

  2. johnmill reporter

    I hadn't thought about the permissions aspect of "auto-PTR" records. I don't know that user-to-IP associations are necessarily needed, but you'd end up having user-to-A/AAAA record associations, and IP-to-A/AAAA record associations. Each PTR record would end up being associated somehow with a given A/AAAA record. I had something like a reference counter in mind--if the oldest A/AAAA record goes away, the PTR record becomes associated with the next oldest record. If all the A/AAAA records go away, the PTR record goes away as well.

    Totally understand if this feature isn't worth the complexity it brings. We can possibly handle this separately at the database layer.

    And don't worry about your phrasing; it's quite good.

  3. George Notaras repo owner

    On a second thought, I guess I got it a bit wrong. There is already an issue with the PTR record and permissions in case two users share the same IP address. Such a situation is common and there has to be some kind of support for it in the frontend. If this is sorted out, then I guess the auto creation of the PTR record would be much easier.

  4. George Notaras repo owner

    At the time this issue was opened it was not clear whether having zones without an owner (created_by_id -> NULL) should be considered legitimate or not for the app internals.

    Lately some decisions have been made. For example, keeping the zone data on a separate database is no longer supported (cause of several issues). As a result, superusers are now able to change the ownership of zones and also users are able to transfer ownership to other users.

    It is now more clear that what you have asked for can be implemented more easily. I'll post updates after I experiment a bit.

    Thanks for your feedback.

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