Input validation for A & MX records

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Just entered the following record:

$&%^%.johnmill.test2 IN A 3600

This probably should get validated at some point--it clearly has invalid characters in it. I can see using [*-/_] for sure, since they're used in wildcard records, classless PTR records, and Active Directory records, respectively.

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  1. George Notaras repo owner

    Input validation is far from being complete. Actually, it should be considered as not implemented yet. This has to be done in the most efficient way for all record types (for name & content fields) so as to keep modelforms as clean as possible.

    I'll be working on this, but it might be delayed a bit due to lack of free time at the moment.

    Your feedback is very welcome. Thanks.

  2. George Notaras repo owner

    Basic input validation has been implemented for the most commonly used RRs. Further validation of the zone and the relations between its resource records is yet to be implemented. Most probably this feature will be delayed for a while.

    I am marking this issue as resolved and I'll open a new ticket for the implementation of the validation of the entire zone in the future.

  3. johnmill reporter

    Thank you for your work, George! I haven't looked at the code yet, but I imagine it's fine. If I see anything oddball, I'll submit a pull request.

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