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     return version
+long_description = """
+*django-recaptcha-works* provides a Django form field that integrates the
+reCaptcha service. It is released under the terms of the BSD License.
+The app is based on the code `snippet 1644 <>`_
+as published by *Chris Beaven* (aka SmileyChris).
+The original code has been further modified by *George Notaras* in order to
+implement the following:
+- transform the snippet to a Django application release
+- add SSL support for both the captcha presentation and the communication with the reCaptcha servers 
+- migration to the Google-hosted reCaptcha API
+- extension of the available application settings
+- addition of a decorator that adds the remote IP to the submitted form
+More information about the installation, configuration and usage of this app
+can be found in the **README** file inside the distribution package or in the
+project's `wiki <>`_.
+Spotted a bug or have a feature request? Feel free to file a report at the
+project's `issue tracker <>`_.
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