django-recaptcha-works / AUTHORS

django-recaptcha-works Authors and Contributors
django-recaptcha-works has been developed by:

Chris Beaven (SmileyChris),
  * author of the original code as published on

George Notaras <>,
  * release as a Django app
  * SSL support
  * migration to the Google hosted reCAPTCHA API
  * extension of the available app settings
  * addition of a decorator that adds the remote IP to the submitted form
  * Fixed recaptcha options and key overrides
  * Support for overriding the reCaptcha field validation to facilitate
    form testing

The following people have contributed to this project in one way or another:

  * Yann Malet <yann.malet [at]>
    - support for checking the ``required`` attribute of the reCaptcha field.