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 This section contains information, including examples, about how to use
 *django-thumbnail-works* in your existing Django projects or applications.
+The EnhancedImageField
+*django-thumbnail-works* provides an enhanced version of the default Django's
+``ImageField``, which can generate thumbnails of the original image and also
+process the original image before it is saved on the remote server.
+EnhancedImageField attributes and methods
+The ``EnhancedImageField`` derives from the default ``ImageField`` and thus
+all attributes and methods of the default ``ImageField`` are inherited.
+In addittion to the default attributes, the ``EnhancedImageField`` also
+supports the following:
+- ``process_source``: A dictionary of thumbnail options as described in the
+  following section. If this is set, the original image will be processed
+  using the provided options before it is saved on the remote server.
+  Contrariwise, if this attribute is not set, the uploaded image is saved in
+  its original form, without any further processing.
+- ``thumbnails``: A dictionary of thumbnail definitions. The format of each
+  thumbnail definition is::
+    <thumbnail_name> : <thumbnail_options>
+Thumbnail options
+Thumbnail options is a dict of options that will be used during the thumbnail
+generation. Supported options are:
+    A string of the WIDTHxHEIGHT which represents the size of
+    the thumbnail.
+    Boolean option. If set, the ``ImageFilter.SHARPEN`` filter will
+    be applied to the thumbnail.
+    Boolean option. If set, the ``ImageFilter.DETAIL`` filter will
+    be applied to the thumbnail.
+    Boolean option. By default, image resizing occurs only if
+    any of the image dimensions is longer than the dimension
+    indicated by the ``size`` option. If this is enabled, the
+    resizing occurs even if the former condition is not met.
+    This is the format in which the thumbnail should be saved.
+    Valid values are those supported by PIL.
+The following code snippet illustrates how to use the ``EnhancedImageField``::
+    from thumbnail_works.fields import EnhancedImageField
+    class MyModel(models.Model):
+        photo = EnhancedImageField(
+            process_source = dict(
+                size='512x384', sharpen=True, upscale=True, format='JPEG'),
+            thumbnails = {
+                'small': dict(size='80x60'),
+                'medium': dict(size='256x192', detail=True),
+            }
+        )
+Accessing the thumbnails
+Thumbnails can be accessed as attributes of the ``EnhancedImageField`` instance.
+For example::
+    photo = EnhancedImageField(
+        thumbnails = {
+            'small': dict(size='80x60'),
+            'medium': dict(size='256x192'),
+        }
+    )
+The thumbnail objects can be accessed