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 The following settings can be specified in the Django project's ``settings``
 module to customize the functionality of *django-thumbnail-works*.
     If an image format is not specified in the thumbnail definition, this
     format is used to save the thumbnails or the original imageare (if it is
     processed). Valid values are any image formats supported by PIL. For
     instance, JPEG, PNG etc.
     This setting accepts an integer that represents the quality parameter
     when saving JPEG images. It is not used for other image formats.
     This is the name of the directory where thumbnails are stored. By default,
     this is set to ``thubs``, which means that the thumbnails are saved in the
     ``<media_root>/<upload_to>/tumbs/`` directory.
     If this setting is set to True (the default), thumbnails are generated
     the first time they are accessed. If this is set to False, then all
     thumbnails are generated as soon as the original image is uploaded.

File src/thumbnail_works/settings.py

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 # Anything supported by PIL
 # For JPEG format only
 # This is the name of the directory where the thumbnails will be stored
-THUMBNAILS_DIRNAME = getattr(settings, 'DTW_THUMBNAILS_DIRNAME', 'thumbs')
+THUMBNAILS_DIRNAME = getattr(settings, 'THUMBNAILS_DIRNAME', 'thumbs')
 # Generate the thumbnails on first access rather than at the time the
 # original image is saved.