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 .. autoclass:: thumbnail_works.fields.EnhancedImageField
+Accessing thumbnails
+.. automethod:: thumbnail_works.fields.EnhancedImageFieldFile.__init__
-The following code snippet illustrates how to use the ``EnhancedImageField``::
-    from thumbnail_works.fields import EnhancedImageField
-    class MyModel(models.Model):
-        photo = EnhancedImageField(
-            process_source = dict(
-                size='512x384', sharpen=True, upscale=True, format='JPEG'),
-            thumbnails = {
-                'small': dict(size='80x60'),
-                'medium': dict(size='256x192', detail=True),
-            }
-        )
+Thumbnail specification objects
+.. autoclass:: thumbnail_works.fields.ThumbnailSpec
-Accessing the thumbnails
-Thumbnails can be accessed as attributes of the ``EnhancedImageField`` instance.
-For example::
-    photo = EnhancedImageField(
-        thumbnails = {
-            'small': dict(size='80x60'),
-            'medium': dict(size='256x192'),
-        }
-    )
-The thumbnail objects can be accessed 
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