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-This application requires Python_ 2.4 or later, and a functional installation
+This application requires Python_ 2.4 or later and a functional installation
 of Django_.
 .. _Python: http://python.org
 This information exists in the ``requirements.txt`` file inside the
 django-thumbnail-works distribution package. If ``pip`` is used to install this software,
-then all these dependencies will also be installed.
+then all these dependencies will also be installed, if they are not already
+installed in your system.
 used from a zipped egg install.
 Alternatively, you can simply place the ``thumbnail_works`` directory,
-which exists under the ``src`` directory, somewhere on your Python path,
+which exists under the ``src`` directory, somewhere on your Python path
 or symlink to it from somewhere on your Python path.
 Finally, it is also possible to install this application directly from


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-django-thumbnail-works adds thumbnail support to the default ImageField.
+| **Author**: `George Notaras <http://www.g-loaded.eu/>`_
+| **Development Web Site**: `django-thumbnail-works project <http://www.codetrax.org/projects/django-thumbnail-works>`_
+| **Source Code Repository**: `django-thumbnail-works source code <https://source.codetrax.org/hgroot/django-thumbnail-works>`_
+| **Documentation**: `django-thumbnail-works documentation <http://packages.python.org/django-thumbnail-works>`_
+| **Releases**: `django-thumbnail-works releases <http://pypi.python.org/pypi/django-thumbnail-works>`_
+*django-thumbnail-works* provides an enhanced ImageField that generates and
+manages thumbnails of the source image.
+This application aims to be a simple but feature rich thumbnailing
+application for Django based projects.
 Licensed under the *Apache License version 2.0*. More licensing information
 exists in the license_ section.
+**Warning**: This software is not production-ready!
+- Provides the ``EnhancedImageField`` model field, which is based on the
+  default Django ``ImageField``, that has the ability to generate and manage
+  thumbnails of the source image.
+- Supports *named* thumbnails which can be accessed as attributes of the
+  ``EnhancedImageField`` instance.
+- Uses the Django storages API to manage thumbnails.
+- Allows processing the original image before saving in the same manner that
+  thumbnails are processed.
+- Individual processing options for each thumbnail.
+- Supports automatic image resizing and cropping to the user specified size.
+  Upscaling the smaller images is also possible.
+- Sharpen and detail filters.
+- Selection of the output format of each image, including the source image.
+- Supports delayed thumbnail generation, which means that thumbnails are
+  generated on first access.
-- Feature A
-- Feature B
+Thumbnail generation through template tags is not supported and there are
+no plans to support it in the near future. However, it is extremely easy
+to access the thumbnail atributes in your templates and display them in
+any way you see fit.