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Added full support for delayed thumbnail generation

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             The absolute path of the thumbnail on the filesystem. Note that
             this is only set for thumbnails that are stored locally. For
             other storages a value of None is set.
+        ``path_relative``
+            The path to the thumbnail relative to MEDIA_ROOT.
         if self._options_are_valid(options):
         self.width, self.height = get_width_height_from_string(options['size'])
         self.url = make_thumbnail_path(source.url, self.name)
         self.path = make_thumbnail_path(source.path, self.name)
+        self.path_relative = make_thumbnail_path(source.name, self.name)
     # Private API
         return '.%s' % ext
     def _get_options(self, options):
-        """This method ensures that all the available options are set to a
-        value.
+        """This method ensures that all the available options have a value.
         thumb_options = self.DEFAULT_OPTIONS.copy()
         if self._committed and self.field.thumbnails:
             for thumb_name, thumb_options in self.field.thumbnails.items():
                 thumb_spec = ThumbnailSpec(thumb_name, thumb_options, self)
-                setattr(self, thumb_name, thumb_spec)
+                if self.storage.exists(thumb_spec.path_relative):
+                    setattr(self, thumb_name, thumb_spec)
     def generate_thumbnail(self, thumb_name, thumb_options, content=None):
-        """Generates a thumbnail
+        """Generates a thumbnail and returns the thumbnail specification.
             The name of the thumbnail as defined in ``self.field.thumbnails``.
             The thumbnail options as defined in ``self.field.thumbnails``.
-        ``content``: Image data. If this is not set, then the image data is
-          read from the storage.
+        ``content``: Image data.
+        If the ``content`` argument is None, then the image data is read
+        from the storage. On IOError returns None
         if content is None:
             # Get the content
-            content = ContentFile(self.storage.open(self.name).read())
+            try:
+                content = ContentFile(self.storage.open(self.name).read())
+            except IOError:
+                return None
         thumb_spec = ThumbnailSpec(thumb_name, thumb_options, self)
         processed_content = process_content_as_image(content, thumb_spec.options)
         was saved `%s` differ.'
         print 'generated thumbnail: %s' % path
+        return thumb_spec
-    def __LALAgetattr__(self, attrName):
+    def __getattr__(self, attrName):
+        """
+        http://western-skies.blogspot.com/2008/02/complete-example-of-getattr-in-python.html
+        """
         if not self.__dict__.has_key(attrName):
+            # Proceed in thumbnail generation only if a thumbnail attribute
+            # is requested
             if self.field.thumbnails.has_key(attrName):
+                print 'requested thumbnail: %s' % attrName
+                # Generate thumbnail and set the thumbnail specification as
+                # an attribute to the ``EnhancedImageFieldFile``.
                 thumb_options = self.field.thumbnails[attrName]
-                self.generate_thumbnail(attrName, thumb_options)
+                thumb_spec = self.generate_thumbnail(attrName, thumb_options)
                 self.__dict__[attrName] = thumb_spec
         return self.__dict__[attrName]
         super(EnhancedImageFieldFile, self).save(name, processed_content, save)
-        # Generate thumbnails
+            # Thumbnails will be generated on first access
+            return
+        # Generate all thumbnails
         if self._committed and self.field.thumbnails:
             for thumb_name, thumb_options in self.field.thumbnails.items():
-                self.generate_thumbnail(thumb_name, thumb_options, content=content)
+                thumb_spec = self.generate_thumbnail(thumb_name, thumb_options, content=content)
     def delete(self, save=True):
         """Deletes the thumbnails and the source image.