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Added explanation about the supported extra attributes of the EnhancedImageField

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File src/thumbnail_works/

 class EnhancedImageField(ImageField):
+    """An enhanced version of the Django ImageField that supports thumbnails.
+    """
     attr_class = EnhancedImageFieldFile
     def __init__(self, resize_source=None, thumbnails={}, **kwargs):
-        """
-        resize_source: image size in WIDTHxHEIGHT. If set, the uploaded image
-        will be resized to this size.
+        """Constructor
-        Thumbnails format:
+        Accepts regular ImageField keyword arguments and also:
-            <thumbnail_name> : <size>
+        ``resize_source``
+            A string of the WIDTHxHEIGHT which represents the size to which
+            the uploaded image will be resized before saved to the storage.
+            If not set, the uploaded image is not resized.
+        ``thumbnails``
+            A dictionary of thumbnail definitions. The format of each
+            thumbnail definition is::
+                <thumbnail_name> : <size>
         self.resize_source = resize_source