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django-thumbnail-works Installation Instructions
This file contains information on how to download and install
django-thumbnail-works in your system.

This application requires Python 2.3 or later, and a functional installation
of Django. You can obtain Python from and Django from

Detailed information about the minimum supported Django version and other
Python modules that may be required in order to run this software are
available in the `requirements.txt` file.

You can download the latest django-thumbnail-works releases either from the
project page at the Python Package Index (PyPI):


Or you can clone the project's public source code repository and then
check-out any stable release, all of which are tagged:

    hg clone
    hg tags
    hg update 0.1.1

To install django-thumbnail-works, use the provided installation script:

    python install

If you have the Python `easy_install` utility available, you can
also type the following to download and install in one step:

   easy_install -Z django-thumbnail-works

(the `-Z` flag is required to force `easy_install` to do a normal
source install rather than a zipped egg; django-thumbnail-works cannot be
used from a zipped egg install)

Or if you're using `pip`:

    pip install django-thumbnail-works

Or if you'd prefer you can simply place the `thumbnail_works` directory,
which exists under `src`, somewhere on your Python path, or symlink to it
from somewhere on your Python path.