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CLOSED #229: Add delay feature to hashing backends

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 #Default test names are: binhash
 tests =
+# Hashing delay. This is the time in milliseconds tinyids should wait between
+# two consequent hashing operations. This feature exists in order to reduce
+# the disk I/O operations per second.
+hashing_delay = 10
 # Remote Servers Section


 import glob
 import socket
 import getpass
+import time
 import TinyIDS.backends
 from TinyIDS import config
         self.hasher = sha1()
         self.cfg = config.get_client_configuration()
+        # Default hashing delay
+        self.default_hashing_delay = self._get_hashing_delay()
         # PKI Module
         _keys_dir = self.cfg.get('main', 'keys_dir')
         self.pki = crypto.RSAModule(_keys_dir)
         self.sock = None
         self.server_name = None
+    def _get_hashing_delay(self):
+        """Returns the hashing delay in seconds."""
+        delay_msec = self.default_hashing_delay = self.cfg.getfloat('main', 'hashing_delay')
+        delay_sec = delay_msec / 1000
+        logger.debug('Hashing delay set to %.3f seconds' % delay_sec)
+        return delay_sec
     def _run_checks(self):
         backends = []
     def hash_data(self, data):
+        time.sleep(self.default_hashing_delay)
     def run(self):
         """Main client method."""
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