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In-place verification of the MD5 sums of files within a tar archive.

VeriTAR [Veri(fy)TAR] is a command-line utility that verifies the md5 sums of
files within a TAR archive. Due to the tar ('ustar') format limitations the md5
sums are retrieved from a separate file and are checked against the md5 sums of
the files within the tar archive. The process takes place without actually
exctracting the files.

It works with corrupted tar archives. The program carries on to the next
file within the archive skipping the damaged parts. At the moment, this relies 
on Python's tarfile module internal functions.

Compressed TAR archives (Gzip or BZ2) are supported.

VeriTAR is written in Python.

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Get the latest code directly from the Subversion repository:

	svn checkout veritar


In order to run 'veritar' you will need:

- Python version (TODO)


For installation instructions please reade the INSTALL file.


No configuration required.


Create the TAR archive and calculate the md5sum of each archived file:

	tar -cvpf mybackup.tar myfiles/ \
	    | xargs -I '{}' sh -c "test -f '{}' && md5sum '{}'" \
	    | tee mybackup.md5

Note: VeriTAR will skip the md5sums for file types other than regular files.

Check the archived files' checksums with:

	veritar mybackup.tar mybackup.md5

For information about the command-line switches, please run:

	veritar --help

For full information about the checks, use the --verbose switch.

Note that VeriTAR can work on a compressed TAR archive.

How it works

VeriTAR will compare the md5 sum of each of the archived files with the md5 sum
that has been recorded for each file during the creation of the archive.

If the checksum file contains an md5 sum for a file, which does not exist in the
archive, then this file is assumed to be corrupted.

If the archive contains a file, for which no md5 sum has been recorded, then
this file is reported as "MISSING". Actually, its md5 sum is missing.

If the checked TAR member is not a regular file, then the md5 checksum check
is skipped, but this is not an error. A warning is issued by the software.

An example result summary:

	Processed : 1202
	Verified  : 1175
	Skipped   : 27
	Failed    : 0
	Missing   : 0

Processed = Verified + Skipped + Failed
Missing = archived files for which there is no md5 sum in the checksum file.


For information about bug submission and current bug reports please read the
BUGS file.


CodeTRAX does not provide support for this software.
You can still get community support in the G-Loaded Software Forums:


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