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=== Creative Commons Configurator ===
Contributors: gnotaras
Donate link: http://bit.ly/1aoPaow
Tags: cc, cc0, creative commons, license, public domain, copyright, metadata, legal, creative, rights, attribution, cc license, cc zero, commons
Requires at least: 3.1.0
Tested up to: 4.5
Stable tag: 1.8.20
License: Apache License v2
License URI: http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0.txt

Helps you publish your content under the terms of Creative Commons and other licenses.

== Description ==

*Creative-Commons-Configurator* (or simply *CC-Configurator*) is the only tool a user will ever need in order to license the contents of a WordPress powered web site under the terms of a [Creative Commons](http://creativecommons.org/) or other license. Configuration of the plugin is possible through its configuration panel. Advanced users can further customize the plugin and extend its functionality through filters. It is actively maintained since 2006 (historical [Creative-Commons-Configurator home](http://www.g-loaded.eu/2006/01/14/creative-commons-configurator-wordpress-plugin/ "Official historical Creative-Commons-Configurator Homepage")).

= Official Project Homepage =

The Creative-Commons-Configurator project information and documentation has been moved to the [Creative-Commons-Configurator Development Web Site](http://www.codetrax.org/projects/wp-cc-configurator/wiki).

= Support =

*Creative-Commons-Configurator* is released without support of any kind.

However, you can still get support free of charge at the [issue tracker](https://github.com/gnotaras/wordpress-creative-commons-configurator/issues) at Github. Feel free to post your questions, suggestions, bug reports, feature requests about the _CC-Configurator_ project (free registration is required in order to post).

The issue tracker at Github is the **recommended support channel** for faster communication.

= Legal Notice =

Creative-Commons-Configurator is Copyright (c) 2006-2016 George Notaras. All rights reserved.

Permission is granted to use this software under the terms of the Apache
License version 2 and the NOTICE file that ships with the distribution package.


_WordPress_ is a registered trademark of _Automattic Inc_.

_Creative Commons_, _CC_, _CC0_, _CC+_ and any related buttons and icons included in this project are registered trademarks of the _Creative Commons Corporation_.

This project, referred to as _Creative-Commons-Configurator_ or _CC-Configurator_, is an unaffiliated personal project of _George Notaras_.

== Installation ==

Creative-Commons-Configurator can be easily installed through the plugin management interface from within the WordPress administration panel.

== Upgrade Notice ==

No special requirements when upgrading.

== Frequently Asked Questions ==

Please read the [Creative-Commons-Configurator FAQ](http://www.codetrax.org/projects/wp-cc-configurator/wiki/FAQ) at the development web site.

== Screenshots ==

No screenshots are available at this time.

== Changelog ==

= Notice about getting support =

For faster communication please feel free to post your questions, suggestions, bug reports, feature requests in the [issue tracker](https://github.com/gnotaras/wordpress-creative-commons-configurator/issues) at Github.

= Changelog Entries =

In the following list there are links to the changelog of each release:

- [1.8.20](http://www.codetrax.org/versions/352)
 - Refactoring in order to make the outer HTML code of media licenses customizable.
 - It is now possible to fully customize the HTML code that surrounds the generated license metadata for both [content](http://www.codetrax.org/projects/wp-cc-configurator/wiki/Customization#Change-the-surrounding-HTML-template-of-the-content-license) and [media](http://www.codetrax.org/projects/wp-cc-configurator/wiki/Customization#Change-the-surrounding-HTML-template-of-the-media-license). (Props to Houssen Moshine for valuable feedback!)
 - Fixed the custom inline style syntax for AMP pages. (Props to Houssen Moshine for valuable feedback!)
 - Added the `bccl_author_url` filter hook in order to customize the URL of the author. It does not affect the possible enforced author. By default, the author URL that is generated is the URL of the author archive. See [example](http://www.codetrax.org/projects/wp-cc-configurator/wiki/Customization#Customize-the-author-URL).
 - Fixed minor issues with the media license template of CC0.
 - Minor code clean-up, fixes and improvements.
- [1.8.19](http://www.codetrax.org/versions/351)
 - Fixed some issues with the CSS classes used on the caption text.
 - Added support for proper alignment of images without a caption.
 - Various tweaks aiming at better integration of the HTML code that is generated by the plugin with the various themes.
- [1.8.18](http://www.codetrax.org/versions/332)
 - Note: Special thanks to _Agnes Avagyan_ from live-karikaturen.ch for ideas, detailed feedback and collaboration regarding the implementation of the _Separate Media License_ feature.
 - Enhancement: General improvement of the way images are processed in order to add license metadata. Different processing for featured images, images with captions that are generated with the `caption` shortcode and images without caption.
 - Enhancement: Added options to omit human visible licensing information from the captions of attached/featured media, but still add machine readable metadata.
 - Fixed: Issue which in some cases prevented the image caption to appear when the _Separate Media License_ option was turned off.
 - Minor improvements of the admin interface.
- [1.8.17](http://www.codetrax.org/versions/331)
 - Renamed French translation using the `fr_FR` language code and added translation for Canadian French. Thanks to Benoît Melançon from oreilletendue.com for bringing the issue to my attention.
 - Minor improvements.
- [1.8.16](http://www.codetrax.org/versions/330)
 - Note: This release aims at the resolution of various kinds of problems including invalid HTML 5, the automatic addition of proper licensing metadata for each media file that is used in a post, the customization of the author to whom the text/media is attributed and various other enhancements and fixes. The implementation required some thought. Possibly some code refactoring will be required at some point too. So, I have to call this an _experimental_ release. To the best of my knowledge it works as expected. If you notice any issues or have any suggestions, please provide your feedback on the [issue tracker](https://github.com/gnotaras/wordpress-creative-commons-configurator/issues) at Github.
 - Enhancement: It is now possible to exclude licensing information from specific pages or parts of the web site by using the `bccl_exclude_license` filter hook. An [example](http://www.codetrax.org/projects/wp-cc-configurator/wiki/Customization#Exclude-licensing-information) has been added to the wiki.
 - Enhancement: It is now possible to generate separate licensing information for each of the media that are attached to the post. A notice about the license of each attachment is also appended to the caption. This feature is currently experimental. Needs to be enabled in the plugin settings. This feature has not been tested yet with audio/video attachments with multiple sources. A big thanks to Agnes from live-karikaturen.ch for ideas and detailed feedback about this feature.
 - Enhancement: It is now possible to force alternative author attribution for a post, page, attachment, etc directly from the post's edit screen (_License_ metabox). This is useful in case you republish CC licensed works made by third parties and want to attribute the work to the original author. If you include such external works inside your posts, please also take a look at the _Separate Media License_ feature in order to properly generate licensing metadata for the attached media.
 - Translation: CC-Configurator now ships with a complete Turkish translation thanks to the work of Ertuğrul Harman. Thank you, Ertuğrul!
 - Fixed: Issue with the language code of the Turkish translation which had been submitted using a language code not supported by WordPress. Thanks to Ertuğrul from ertugrulharman.com for collaboration regarding the resolution of this issue.
 - Fixed: Issue with the author name which appeared empty in AMP pages.
 - Fixed: The `width` and `height` attributes are now set on the `img` element of the license image.
 - Fixed: Issue with CSS which prevented the license image from being center aligned in AMP pages.
 - Fixed: The `href` attribute is no longer used inside the `span` element.
 - Fixed: The AUTHORS file now points to the translations project at Transifex where more information can be found about each translation team and individual translators. Maintaining a list of translators in that file currently involves much manual work as it is currently impossible to generate such a list in an automatic manner.
 - Fixed some minor issues with CSS.
 - Improved checks for licenses without a license URL.
 - Other minor bug fixes.
- [1.8.15](http://www.codetrax.org/versions/329)
 - CC-Configurator now ships with a complete Finnish translation thanks to the work of Jani Uusitalo. Big thanks, Jani!
 - Removed screenshots from the distribution package.
- [1.8.14](http://www.codetrax.org/versions/328)
 - Added several [customization examples](http://www.codetrax.org/projects/wp-cc-configurator/wiki/Customization) in the wiki, including: the addition custom licenses and Public Domain statements (thanks to Thorsten Alge for feedback), the customization of the extra permissions text template, the customization of the inline CSS, linking to localized CC license pages and other examples.
 - CC-Configurator now ships with a complete Arabic translation thanks to the work of Bennour Ziad. Big thanks!
 - The Danish translation has reached 88% completeness and is now officially part of the plugin. Thank you Georg Adamsen!
 - Display the default license in the widget on the front page and on archives. (Props to RiverCityWordGuy, kadbros699 and others. Apologies for the delay!)
 - Added the `bccl_license_url` filter hook which can be used to modify the license URLs, for instance to link to localized versions. (props to narcisgarcia. Apologies for the delay!)
 - License and extra permission links now open in new web browser window/tab. (Props to manu.p for useful feedback)
 - Added filter based switch to suppress the addition of the license text, if the license is the same as the default license. (Props to opensourceninja for useful feedback)
 - Added filter based switch to display the license text before the post content. (Props to Remy J. for useful feedback)
 - Added the `bccl_style` and `bccl_extra_style` filter hooks that can be used to enhance the inline stylesheet.
 - Modified the inline CSS to fix the license image not being centered in some themes and some other minor fixes.
 - Minor improvements of the admin interface.
 - Updated the plugin icon.
- [1.8.13](http://www.codetrax.org/versions/327)
 - URLs to license pages on CreativeCommons.org now use `https`. (props to Eva Marie Schreck for useful feedback)
 - Hyperlinks to license and extra permission pages now have the `target` attribute set to `_blank` so that they open in a new web browser window/tab. Your feedback is welcome about this change. (props to manu.p for useful feedback)
- [1.8.12](http://www.codetrax.org/versions/326)
 - Fixed issue with the code that auto upgrades the plugin settings in order to resolve a potential problem with network sites.
 - Minor performance improvements.
- [1.8.11](http://www.codetrax.org/versions/325)
 - Updated the German translation. CC-Configurator now ships with a complete German translation thanks to the work of Ben Hartwich, Pavel Richter and Senhor Rojo.
 - Updated the Arabic translation. The Arabic translation is currently 94% complete thanks to the work of Bennour Ziad.
- [1.8.10](http://www.codetrax.org/versions/251)
 - The License metabox is now supported on attachments. The addition of a license to attachments, exactly like it happens with other post types, is now possible. (props to Thorsten Alge for feedback)
 - Improved the long template of the All Rights Reserved clause with the addition of the creator's name. (props to Jiri for feedback)
- [1.8.9](http://www.codetrax.org/versions/250)
 - Added Dutch translation. (props to Dave Borghuis)
- [1.8.8](http://www.codetrax.org/versions/249)
 - Updated French translation (100%). (props to Arthur Lutz, bzg, Manuel Pintor)
 - Added Norwegian Bokmal and Norwegian Nynorsk translations. (props to Birgit Fostervold)
 - Updated Finnish translation (90%). (props to Jani Uusitalo)
 - Updated Spanish translation (100%). (props to Pablo Laguna, Alvaro)
- [1.8.7](http://www.codetrax.org/versions/248)
 - Improved the license generator engine with string based templates and implemented advanced filtering of the generated HTML code for easy customizations via filters.
 - The shortcode now returns an empty string instead of an error message if an invalid type has been set. The error message indicating the supported license types is still being printed, but only if the `type` parameter (required) is missing.
- [1.8.6](http://www.codetrax.org/versions/247)
 - Minor code improvements.
 - Updated features in readme.txt.
 - Updated translations.
- [1.8.5](http://www.codetrax.org/versions/234)
 - Added extra permissions clause in the CC0 generator.
 - Option for "No License" has been added.
 - Added the License Shortcode for quick license badge generation. These badges can be used to indicate different licensing for specific parts of the post.
- [1.8.4](http://www.codetrax.org/versions/233)
- [1.8.3](http://www.codetrax.org/versions/201)
 - Various minor improvements.
 - Updated translations.
- [1.8.2](http://www.codetrax.org/versions/241)
 - Improved the way admin styles and scripts are enqueued.
 - Added filters for the customization of the extra permissions clause in CC and ARR.
- [1.8.1](http://www.codetrax.org/versions/240)
- [1.8.0](http://www.codetrax.org/versions/239)
 - IMPORTANT: Major changes in functionality. Backwards incompatible default license. Reset the default license.
 - Hard coded licenses instead of online license selectors.
 - Full customization via filters.
- [1.5.3](http://www.codetrax.org/versions/195)
 - Updated translations.
- [1.5.2](http://www.codetrax.org/versions/200)
 - Updated translations (thanks: Jani Uusitalo, bzg, Matthias Heil, alvaroto, bizover)
- [1.5.1](http://www.codetrax.org/versions/133)
 - Some license customization on a per post basis has been implemented (options: use default, opt-out, CC0, ARR)
 - Refactoring.
- [1.5.0](http://www.codetrax.org/versions/181)
 - Refactoring.
 - Re-designed mechanism that manages the settings.
 - Full support for SSL admin panel.
 - A Creative Commons widget is now available.
- [1.4.1](http://www.codetrax.org/versions/134)
- [1.4.0](http://www.codetrax.org/versions/128)
- [1.3.2](http://www.codetrax.org/versions/131)
- [1.3.1](http://www.codetrax.org/versions/129)
- [1.3.0](http://www.codetrax.org/versions/127)
- [1.2](http://www.codetrax.org/versions/7)
- [1.1](http://www.codetrax.org/versions/5)
- [1.0](http://www.codetrax.org/versions/22)
- [0.6](http://www.codetrax.org/versions/45)
- [0.5](http://www.codetrax.org/versions/44)
- [0.4](http://www.codetrax.org/versions/43)
- [0.2](http://www.codetrax.org/versions/42)
- [0.1](http://www.codetrax.org/versions/41)