Tunnel is a free Java program for drawing cave surveys based on Survex-compatible data.

Quick running

Download tunnel2011-11.jar and runtunnel2011-11.bat from the downloads page.

If you are in Windows, double-click on the runtunnel2011-11.bat file.

If you are in Linux, execute the same command should work as all it is is:

This should open the MainBox tunnel window and fetch the directories of all the LeckFell caves we have surveyed by doubleclicking on the folder marked "tunneldata".

If you open up one of the sketch files (eg LowDouk/LowDouk-FullSketch.xml) you will see the survey in its raw form. (The ultimate repository of this data is on [http://knowledgeforge.net/project/sesame/|knowledgeforge].)

Use Middle mouse button to drag, and scroll-wheel to zoom.

Further instructions to follow. Old further info

To do

  • Make background image loading work
  • Streamline loading the subset colours



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