The gocept.pytestlayer distribution

Integration of zope.testrunner-style test layers into the py.test framework

This package is compatible with Python versions 2.7 and 3.5 - 3.7 including PyPy implementation. (To run its tests successfully you should use at least Python 2.7.4 because of a bug in earlier Python 2.7 versions.)

Quick start

  • Make sure your test files follow the conventions of py.test's test discovery

    In particular, a file named will not be recognised.

  • Add a buildout section to create the py.test runner:

    parts += pytest
    recipe = zc.recipe.egg
    eggs = gocept.pytestlayer
           <YOUR PACKAGE HERE>

gocept.pytestlayer registers itself as a py.test plugin. This way, nothing more is needed to run an existing Zope or Plone test suite.

Advanced usage

Version 2.1 reintroduced fixture.create() to be able to define the name of the generated to py.test fixtures. So it is possible to use them in function style tests.

Example (Code has to be in!):

from .testing import FUNCTIONAL_LAYER
import gocept.pytestlayer.fixture


This creates three fixtures with the given names and the scopes in the argument name. The session and class fixtures run setUp() and tearDown() of the layer if it has not been run before while the function fixture runs testSetUp() and testTearDown() of the layer. The function fixture depends on the session one. The fixtures return the instance of the layer. So you can use the functional fixture like this:

def test_mymodule__my_function__1(functional):
    assert functional['app'] is not None

Not supported use cases

  • Inheriting from a base class while changing the layer. See issue #5
  • Mixing classes inheriting unittest.TestCase and a test_suite() function (e. g. to create a DocTestSuite or a DocFileSuite) in a single module (aka file).
    • This is a limitation of the py.test test discovery which ignores the doctests in this case.
    • Solution: Put the classes and test_suite() into different modules.
  • A doctest.DocFileSuite which does not have a layer is silently skipped. Use the built-in doctest abilities of py.test to run those tests.