Pypi page is broken and in the need of a new egg release

Issue #6 resolved
David Ichim created an issue You will find a 404 page This works however since there isn't a default version specified tools that search for eggs on pypi will not find your package. This is happening right now within Pycharm.

Also please make a new release as I've tested trunk with py.test within Pycharm on a Plone Project and I got it to work with version 2.9.1

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  1. David Ichim reporter

    @icemac Thank you. I can confirm that Pycharm now found your plugin and I was able to integrate it with my plone buildout, the pytest runner found it automatically after I installed it with virtualenv inside the IDE and now I can do plone testing within it, me very happy :) Again thank you for the prompt reply, release and fix

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