Bundling and minifying components included via bowerstatic.

This recipe imports you bowerstatic components, which you must specify in the recipes config (see below for details). It then retrieves your local components, calculates the import order and minifies and bundles JS and CSS files. The bundles are saved to your bower_components folder (or whatever folder you specified) as a new component called bowerstatic_bundle.

In your application you can then switch between bundled or non-bundled versions with an include helper function:

def bower_include(environ, name):
    if not os.environ.get('BOWERSTATIC_DEBUG'):
        name = 'bowerstatic_bundle'
    include = components.includer(environ)

In your view, where you normally get the includer and include your libraries, you now call:

bower_include(self.request.environ, '<you_library_name>')

This package uses rcssmin and rjsmin to minify CSS and JS files.


Here is an example configuration for bowerstaticbundler:

parts += bundle

recipe = gocept.recipe.bowerstaticbundler
eggs = mypackage
modules = mypackage.browser.resource
bower = mypackage.bower
target_dir = ${config:bower_components}
environment = bundle-config

BOWER_COMPONENTS_DIR = ${config:bower_components}

You need to specify the location of your local components via the eggs and modules options. Eggs is needed to import your modules, where the components live, while modules specify the path to import them directly. This is needed as bower calculates the components and resources during import time, so we need to trigger them in the build step.

You also must provide the location of you bower singleton via the bower option.

target_dir specifies the directory, where the bundled component will be placed. It is recommended to point this to your bower_components folder, where your bower packages live, as bowerstatic will have to import the bundles as well in order to be able to include them into your Application.

With the environment option you can specify environment variables. In the example above we specify one environment variable called BOWER_COMPONENTS_DIR, which is the variable bower is looking for in the environment to get the installed bower packages. This might be different in your setup.